Project information.

Basketball Series- Out of Doors

chris Tubbs transparencies

Chris Tubbs is exhibiting an extract from his Basketball Series 'Out of Doors'.

An unparalleled collection of more than 300 images from over 37 countries.
The project began ten years ago when Chris came across a basketball court in a forgotten sports facility in Cuba and has since travelled extensively building the collection.

Countries featured.

Great Britain-Scotland-Northern Ireland-Republic of Ireland France-Belgium-Holland-Germany-Austria-Denmark-USA Sweden-Iceland-Russia- Slovenia-Switzerland-Italy-Spain Turkey-Andorra-Morocco-Dubai-Guernsey-Thailand-China Japan-Hong Kong-Mauritius-Barbados-Cuba-Canada Maldives-Bhutan-Australia-New-Zealand-Brazil.

The series has been photographed on film.

Chris Tubbs is looking for partners to take this project forward and produce a photographic book and archive.

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